Temple of Kind people

Saurabh Narkhede

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When you go to church, mandir or masjid, you may receive kindness or may not. But when you go toh Gurudwara, you're guaranteed that there is kindness exist in people. When you enter the gurudwara, you will feel this. In the biggest gurudwara, in Amritsar we went to golden temple where there are everywhere just kind people. They provide a meal for free to anyone who visit the gurudwara. When demonitisation happened in India, gurudwara is the only place in India where foreigner can actually eat as there is no new currency available for them as too much shortage was going on. We visited the bhojanalaya gruh where shikh brothers serves us a plate to eat the holy food. I captured this when we were entering the bhojanalaya i.e. Where meals are provided (this one provides for free). I spotted this old man who was very kind to everyone and despite the age on 75 he was constantly smiling and standing there to greet everyone who is coming inside. I was just amazed that how this old man have so much energy to stand there and greet everyone with same good smile. This is the kindness. This is what makes us happy, because when you are surrounded by kind and happy people, even if sad things happens, you will survive with the positives you get from them.

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