Kindness Through a Kidney

Molly Pollock

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Methodist University Hospital- Transplant Unit in Memphis, TN
Left: 4/4/17. 2 kidneys. Surprisingly stoked, but simultaneously very anxious about the next couple of hours and what was to come (post-op/healing-wise)

One Week Later

Right: 4/11/17. 1 kidney. Taking it one day at a time, but feeling really great that day. Curious about my recipient and donation chain (that ended up being 6 kidneys long), but so hopeful and excited for their journey, my journey, OUR journey.

This decision and journey was almost two years in the making. And it was a decision and choice I'd make all over again. It's been a little over six months since the surgery and non-directed donation, and even though I haven't heard from my recipient, I don't need to. I was told b the doctors that she is doing great, and that's all I could ever hope for. I was told my recipient was a 32 year old female, that my donation chain was 6 kidneys long (THAT blew my mind!), and that among these recipients was an 11 year old child. Be still my heart.

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