Mother India

Oleg Darov

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India was the beginning of a new life for me. She really was. That's why I call it "Mother India".

I believe in another freedom where we can just be witnesses without necessarily being drawn into the world, and we slowly achieve inner freedom like immigrants, tourists, vagabonds and lovers of travel! And when you achieve this freedom - you will not encounter any more obstacles!

This photo was taken in India, Goa, Arambol. At first the hand is stretched out, asks for money, and then goes to the mouth, showing that the money is needed for food, says: "rice, rice". The girl in the picture, like many other children, every day, along with her mother, who has a baby in her arms, and around her 5-6 childrens, begging throughout the tourist season. They are beautiful, kind, sane and beautiful people, whose fate from year to year to survive, asking. Once we went to the store and bought different toys for her little brothers and sisters.

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