Ekaterina Ekaterina

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The man in this photo is named, Fidel. He used to be one of the most promising and famous fashion designers in the 90's in Russia. He gave up the bling world of fashion to live in a small flat in Moscow region (Zhukovsky) and help stray dogs survive. This little town Zhukovsky is overflown with poor homeless animals as there are no proper regulations on the stray animals matter in Russia. Local activists strike and work hard to make a humane law come into force, yet the process is propelling very slowly. Anyway, Fidel is among those brave and warm-hearted people. He gives shelter to dozens of dogs, never mentions his deeds publicly, tries to give little gifts to everyone who volunteers with him and loves every single creature he finds in the street. I guess, his exceptional personality is legible in those photos. At least, those snaps are truely dear to me as a reminder of meeting an extraordinarily kind person.

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