Little Orphan

Vladimir Omelin

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Well, I guess everybody has heard stories about Russians and bears. This is one of those stories.

The bear cub on the picture is an orphan. No one knows what happened to his mother. She could be alive, but they lost each other and the little one came to a village as he couldn't survive in the wild nature on his own. Just a few years ago it would lead him to a life in some zoo or circus, because once a bear got used to humans, he's dangerous for them.

Fortunately now there's a special unique method developed by the Orphan Bear Rescue Centre on how to grow a little bear without letting them to get used to humans or to lose fear of them. So, in a few months a grown bear can be reintroduced to the wild nature.

Not only they grow orphaned cubs themselves (this year they have sixteen), they also consult others. This cub is growing in a national park in Ural mountains, three thousand miles away from the centre itself. And he's going to a be the second generation of orphaned bears grown there.

So, I guess, sometimes even in the wildest nature could use a little humanness. Without a helping hand this little one wouldn't have a single chance to survive. Now he has. And not only to survive, but to live a full wild life.

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