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Анастасия Калашникова

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The photo was made at home in Russia. The photo shows an octopus whose name is Pascal. He lives in a home in a florarium.
My thoughts:

The one whose life took place under the firm hand of a cruel World, oppressing and persecuting him, Space, scorching his anger all his life. One that was deprived of all that loves. Here he is! Standing here before you, World! As a criminal before the executioner. Oh, the ruthless World, what else will you hit him with? What blow will finish it? What is your weapon piercing his heart even harder? No more! A pardon, here is the key that has thrown off your chains from it! Pardon, here is the crown adorned his head! Know that Time took pity on him! Know that there is a power that can stop your cold hand raised over the innocent!

From now on, there is no cruel past filled with pain, suffering and tears, or a dark future that frightens us with its loneliness. From now on he is free! From now on, it is beyond time and space. Beyond the past. Beyond the future. The one who has no place in you, Mir, found him outside of you! Time gave him oblivion, because he no longer needed to know where he was from, what was and will be with him. All this has lost its meaning, because from now on he feels the true good, for which there are no questions about either the past or the future.

He forgot what was, but he did not forget who he is. You, Mir, killed him, but did not kill, You did cruel to him, but he did not become cruel, You tormented him, but he did not torment, You did not love him, but he did not hate. Take a look! Look into his eyes! Look into the eyes of your creation! Look how a small, warm light burns in his eyes! Feel how it warms you, harsh Space, with its quiet joy and love! All he wanted from you was a bit of a place for himself! He just wanted to be loved. Know that from now on he has his place, but not in you, he has a little love, but not from you.

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