woman trapped in man's body

Sourish Mitra

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Last year it felt like the Indian lok Sabha was on a spree of passing three
dangerous bills namely The Transgender persons(Protection of Rights) Bill
2018, The Trafficking of persons Bill, The Surrogacy Bill. which were so badly
drafted that all of them further marginalize the very people they were
supposed to safeguard. and also stands in stark violation of fundamental
rights of transgender persons enshrined in the constitution as equal citizens
judgement of Apex court in NALSA in 2014.
as a photographer my intention to show the world through my images that
1. problems being faced by transgender persons such as
fear,shame,social pressure,depression,social stigma etc
2. is they really regain their respect and place in the society
which once they enjoyed in our cultural and social life.
3. every one has freedom to chose in the intimate sphere as
they want in their life as per court order after mentioning section 377 of indian penal code is completely unconstitutional.
4. to show it is not that,they are trafficked as 2018 bill was
said but they are very happy to chose these form of works i.e. begging or sex work etc
5. opportunities in education
6. opportunities in empowerment
7.awareness among all
8.unwillingness of the legislature and the executive to fully implement the NALSA decision.
9 present situation of run away children after adopt them by
other transgender
10 how they participate for doing traditional Badhai Toli and Mangti
11 traditional marriage for one day with lord ARAVAN.
and lots more.
The images are one measure of how a society views itself. I feel a huge
sense of responsibility for Transgender people,and i hope the project will help people understand the lives of transgender people all around the world.
1960s photographer Danny Lyon on her website, writing: "The pictures do not ask you to 'help' these people, but something much more difficult; to be
briefly and intensely aware of their existence, an existence as real and
significant as your own."
So this project is all about transgender people's story and show through out the world that The transgender community deserves the dignity and respect that most people take for granted.

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