A man carries a dog who has just been through surgery.

Thomas-Xavier Christiane

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This day, a group of vets from America had come all the way to Nepal to give surgery to a bunch of street dogs. Most of the animals had never experienced any care and were very scared of what was going on. They had been picked up in the street by a dog ambulance in the morning and they were meant to go back to their communities as soon as they were able to.

During the surgeries, solidarity and support were the keywords of the place. Not only the staff from the shelter were doing everything to assure that each dog was given what he needed but also, the dogs were also supporting each other. Apart from the noise, this was an incredible thing to see.

To hold hands (or paws) in pain is kindness. To give a hand (or a paw) to someone who is in pain is compassion. That's as easy as that.

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