In the shadow of Kindness

Elena Khrystoforova

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This photo was taken on the Maldives islands. Being there my son didn’t want to wear his red cap and even got a red suntan on his cheeks. Seeing how he was taking off his cap many times and cried, woman-islander reached us, grabbed a huge leaf and made a shadow for my son. He became really exsited so I decided to take a photo. It seems to me as a manifestation of true kindness as well as blurring the boundaries between people with different skin color. My son became attached to this island woman and didn't want to get out of her arms when she came to see off our seaplane and presented him a fish-toy. That was my son's first experience contacting with people of a different race, but he didn't get embarrassed even though his age (1 year and half). The story of this photo make me believe that kindness has no skin color or age.

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