Struggling to stand up

siddharth rathod

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A king or poor, ignorant or intelligent, Entire world bow down to a child smile.

In today's fast and competitive life, every parent has a single aim that their child becomes the world's brightest child. In a way there is nothing wrong in this idea, if it is implemented in natural way as a mature parent, perhaps there may not be any better thought than this.

In present world, education importance and its definition is changed, Even Parents expectation from child also touching sky.

Today the parents ask for unreasonable result from child whether it’s in education or sports, they all want their child to be successful one or other field. But in this so called success race, every one forgot that child must live their childhood. Let child grown without any restriction or direction. Let them choose the way they like to walk instead off burdening them with our dreams or expectation which we never met.

According to WHO report, 8 million people in the world commit suicide every year out of that 25% of whom are students, So it is well understood how much pressure today generation bearing while growing, which is the biggest problem in today's world which is growing year by year. Let the children find their own ideal them self. Let them fail, because the seed of success is futile in failure. If a children realizes the failure, then only they will wake up to succeed.

There is huge difference between child and mature person. How pure and innocent the child is efforts are.

The word despair is not in the child's cell. Look at the child trying to walk; does he ever get tired? Smile and laughter is the biggest joy and achievement of the child.


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