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Natalia Gorshkova

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This story is about people who got into a difficult life situation and don't want to give up. They put all the forces to have full lives. Surgeries, periods of rehabilitation, depression and despair made them look for a completely different purpose of life in the new circumstances.
Doing sports is their dedicated desire to overcome this tragic situation, so that's way they've chosen basketball as the most active sports. This is kind of a challenge to fate for those who come to the basketball court to fight and win.
As a photographer I’m aimed to find such visual solution which tells the audience what stands behind those victories. The main idea of the project is to show healthy people and people with traumas that our body is just an outer shell which doesn’t mean anything to what we really are. It shouldn’t have any influence on the quality of life and impose restrictions on our lifestyle.
These are the stories of those basketball players, Russian teams athletes, who I met at the all-Russian wheelchair basketball tournament in October 2018.

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