Biplab Sikdar

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Samaritan Help Mission is a non-profit organization working in the slums of Tikiapara of Howrah district in West Bengal since 2001 to uplift the underprivileged populace, especially migrant slum dwellers through quality English education, primary healthcare services, skill development training, livelihood programs, monthly food support and financial inclusion programs. All the people are recognized as workers of unorganized sectors. Most of them used to live in jhuggis and footpaths; a very few of them lives in shops and hotels where they are working on the roadside as poverty and nature of their work compel them to live in bare minimum space and in absence of basic amenities. Tikiapara slums of Howrah are Muslim dominated that counts around 80% of the population. In the month of Ramadan, these poor underprivileged Muslim people do not even able to gather their foodstuffs for Sehri or Iftaar as because of the low income status. As a result, they used to starve like all other normal days and have to continue fasting of Ramadan which is too difficult for a human being to accomplish. In this situation, Samaritan Help Mission took initiative and organizes food distribution program with the financial support from the generous donors and 2000 food kits are being distributed every year for free. The underprivileged beneficiaries are happy to get the food packs and certainly made them smile.

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