A Heart to Give (2)

Ignacio Cordero

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I live in Mexico City and I was visiting the city of Shefield U.K. with my wife, my son and his wife, since he had gone to study his masters at the University of Shefild. After getting off the train where we arrived from London, walking towards the center of the city and saw this man on the street accompanied by a dog and playing the flute. One can see that the man is poor because in order to survive, he needs to get money by playing the flute on the street. But what you see in this picture is that the man does not lack, is the heart to take with him a puppy that surely found in the street, and to which he can give his affection and kindness. (By mistake I sent a photo with the same name "A Heart to Give" but not with the clarity of it. I will thank you delete the previous one.)

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