Zahra Allami

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These five photos are from a larger collection named farm lady. Canon EOS 5 D Mark II was used to take the photos. The place is Iran.
Kindness brings happiness and tranquility, enhances our relationships and makes the world a better place to live in. Each photo of this album has its unique way in defining kindness.
The first photo, shows a wife & husband from Harif village/Ghazvin. The have to put their hands on each other’s shoulders to show their love.
The second photo shows female farmers on Paddy Fields of Siahkal. The two ladies are greeting one another.
The third photo shows a woman on a paddy field of Siahkal, breastfeeding her baby.
The fourth photo, is image of a woman from Asbmard village, having a lamb in her arms. She loved the lamb. It seems like she has her child in her arms.
The fifth photo shows a bride sitting outdoors with her mother in law, from Akoujan village. The bride feels at peace, resting her head on the mother’s shoulder.

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