Crescendo - Seeds of Kindness

Catalina Codreanu

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"Crescendo - Seeds of Kindness” depicts the artist's daughter waiting for help to climb the stairs.

The atmosphere of this portrait is governed by the child's look into her mother's eyes, waiting for her supportive hand. She knows her mother is kind and will help. In her world, this is the only possibility.

A metaphor for evolution, the stairs are a key element in the composition, although they are indicated in a very subtle way, just by the climbing position of the child's leg. The stairs are placing the subject in the future, indicating how important children are for creating a better world.

Children are small seeds of kindness that come to this world to bloom and make it beautiful. However, you do not need to be a parent to make the world kinder. Be kind to someone right now, wether a child, a stranger, or an animal, wether by thought, word or action. This way, you’ll immediately create a beautiful world, inside and around you that will propagate with every kind action you take.

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