We all need love

Sarah Yessenbayeva

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We all need love
Sometimes we do not think and do not notice our relatives, but in fact they are all that we have in our lives.
We are not at home, we come home tired not wanting not to hear and not see their relatives, so that I would all be left alone. We break down on them, shout, remove all anger, our fears we give them. We consider strangers in our lives most loved ones, but this is not true. We sometimes do not see how our mothers, wishing to help us, speaks to us, asks us to think, to reflect on the present. We answer her with our indifference and not only..
What do we have? We all grew up in our own families, yes, maybe they are not perfect, maybe we have a drinking father, maybe our parents are constantly arguing, maybe there is no money in our families. We can not change the situation circumstances. But we can change our attitude towards all this, we can really do it.
We all need love

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