Kind Husband and his family

Rayhan Ahmed

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Despite the dramatic changes in gender norms in the last few decades, there is one domain where men have steadfastly refused to make tremendous gains : chores.
wives who are primary breadwinner in the house? Hardly unusual.
Husbands who are passionate closet-organizers? Rares specimens.
My story is about the name of Mr Amir Hossain who is 45 years ages a poor man from a rural area(munshiganj).
He is a service holder from a private company.
He has a five members family with three sons.
Few days ago his wife fell into serious sickness and he had to maintain all
of the household activities by himself and sometime with the help of his sons.
He had to doing cooking, cleaning, child caring, wife caring etc.
In the present era doing household work is not a big deal for men.
Man can do it easily to support his family to make it peaceful.
so my message is: Do not keep household activities only for wives or women.
Men are an important part of the family and he can also play the vital role
in it by doing all household chores to make his family happy and peaceful.

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