Rupam Bhadra

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This is an endeavour on my behalf to portray the kindness of the concerned authority,through a journey towards literacy and enlightenment.
These photos were captured at a little corner beside a staicase,on the bank of the river ganges,a little away from the hustle and bustle of my city,Kolkata.
Though the city offers a lot of opportunity in the field of education,there are still an impoverished section , deprived of this basic need.
But there is always some parallel attempt,volunteered by those adventurers,who never give up.
I felt contended to have a chance to witness,and be a part of that noble enterprise, and capturing some of those precious moments...

The moments seized into my captures,tell the story of a new experience...
of happiness,of possibilities ,their faces glowing with an embellishment of motivation.

There were scarcity of adequate space,lack of a traditional classroom environment and teaching aids,no specific instructional objective,only a few hungry yet smiling face,the soldiers who fight for their own enlightenment.It's no doubt,an act of immense kindness and help,to teach and educate those little pioneers,amidst the serene and tranquil atmosphere,and the NGO named BLACKBOARD is doing an extraordinary work. The light breeze offers a transcendental charm allowing a blissful emanation,reminded me of the great Poet-Prophet Tagore's philosophy of education,facilitating the necessity of open-air classroom.
However,the participation in this project made me feel a handful of joy, fostering the initiative to change the existing problem,offering chance to be part of the enlightened section of the society,by teaching and educating them and thereby accelerating it's impact on the socio-cultural arena.

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